Whats the best CFW To have installed?

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Whats the best CFW To have installed?

Post by The_Gazra on Mon May 07, 2012 4:37 pm

First off i would like to thank the guys over at PS3Hax for having the well written explanation in which i have added a few little pieces here and there to.

If you found it helpful then please head over to PS3Hax.net and thank @Pockets69

So we have a load of CFW to choose from and by now you will have one that you find to suit you the best whether it be Backup support, Homebrew only, True Blue, etc...

No lets get to the baics what do they all do?

Lets start off this whole CFW ordeal with Geohot CFW, Geohot CFW has the ability to launch signed homebrew using geo and f0f tools, it doesn't have any kind of patching, therefor lv2 is unpatched not allowing you to run backups, unless you use any of the methods to compile a game into a pkg using PSN_Package_NPDRM. Therefore leaving you without the ability to use backup managers and it will only allow signed homebrew so this really is not any use to anyone.

Next up is Wutangrza/Flukes1 CFW which came after geohots CFW, the intention was to add peek and poke to lv2, that got us on a several testings over the days and a few bricks, then flukes found that lv1 controlled lv2 so another approach was used, it was finally accomplished by flukes, and the method revealed by him, wutangrza followed his instructions to build the firmware, with this signed homebrew would still be possible like with geohots CFW with the added improvement of peek and poke, no syscalls yet. So again with this we had backups working to begin with and only allowed signed homebrew again it was not a major advancement but this was where it started.

By the same time this was released, Waninkoko released his 3.55 CFW (BFW) version that hard patched lv2 without checking lv1 first, which lead to a massive brick in the last days, but some of the machines survived, it was random bricks, they would happen out of the blue. This CFW had peek and poke integrated and makes use of syscall 36 that allows the use of backup managers. so with that being said this is what was accomplished with this BFW (Bricking Firmware)

- Launch signed homebrew
- Backup managers working
- peek and poke and syscall 36 added
- High percentage of Bricks (do not use this firmware, only do if you are sure it won't brick your machine)

Kmeaw CFW, a day after the release of wutangrza CFW, out of the blue came Kmeaw with PL3 implementation into a little PKG, it would inject pl3 into memory so people using Wutangrza CFW could start using syscall 36 and using backup managers.
Now kmeaw not only released this little package, he also released his own CFW with PL3 implemented (similar to what wutangrza CFW), that allows for backup managers Peek and poke and all the goodies. Now most if not all people would have this CFW because why? It is the most stable and safest to date. With this CFW we now have the ability for:-

- Backup managers Working
- Launch signed homebrew
- peek and poke added as well as syscall 36

Rebug is a firmware that aims to bring all the debug features to our retail machines, while it didn't achieve such level, some of the debug features still don't work, its a firmware that is worth mentioning, because right now this firmware might be the best around.
Rebug CFW:
- all backup managers working
- Launch signed homebrew
- has all the patches implemented in lv1 and lv2
- comes with pre installed features like BDemu and rebug selector

Can be added with PS3MFW
- otherOS++ patch to install linux

It was released some time ago by Levand a PUP with the sole purpose of running linux which is called OtherOS++
- Ads support for linux

So from these descriptions we can tell that the firmware we want mostly is Kmeaw CFW but we also need to remember to never use Waninkoko 3.55 CFW


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