PSX Mod Chip Installation Including Video Tutorial

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PSX Mod Chip Installation Including Video Tutorial

Post by The_Gazra on Mon May 07, 2012 8:50 pm

The guide here shows the processes of installing an mod-chip in an older grey Playstation as for the newer PSOne the steps are simillar but in general easier.

Removal of the PSX cover

- Be sure that there is no disk inside the PSX and anything is plugged into the ports!
- Turn unit upside down and remove the black screws. (6 pcs)
- Turn unit right side up, and lift off the cover. Make sure that you also save the parallel port connector cover
in a safe place.

Removal of the CD drive

- Pull the flexible orange cable straight up to disconnect it from the motherboard.
- Disconnect the power-connector (the other cable from the CD drive) by pulling it straight up. Be careful,
it´s easy to break!
- Lift off the CD drive and put it to a save place.

Removal of the Heavy Metal Bracket

- Disconnect the power cable from the motherboard. You must disconnect this cable from both end, as it
is fixed to the heavy metal bracket.(at the SCPH 750x)
- Also disconnect the ribbon cable from the motherboard by pulling it straight up.
- Remove the 4 screws holding the metal bracket.
- Lift off the bracket.

Removal of the Metal Shield (SCPH 700x , SCPH 750x)

- To remove the metal shield you have to resolder 8 pads, where the shield is fixed.

Wiring the Chip to the Playstation
- If you have a model SCPH 550x you have to remove the lasting screws to remove the motherboard
from the housing, because all soldering-points are at the bottom (except point "2" or "3").
- Make sure that only a very small amount (about 1mm) of bare wire extends past the insulation on the
wires that you must attach to the Playstation.
(In case that you have a model SCPH 550x turn the Motherboard up side down)
(In case you install a "classic" modchip into the model SCPH 750x or 900x the green wire is just
needed as link-wire with no connection to the chip.
You must cut the green wire!). Don´t make the link wire longer as needed,
- Solder the wires beginning at point "1"(red) and "8"(blue) next "4", "5", "6", "7", and at least "2" or "3"(brown).

Stealth PS0neStealth2Classic
SCPH 10x (newer PSone)
SCPH 10x (older PSone)SCPH 900X
SCPH 700X SCPH 550x and SCPH 5552 SCPH 550x and SCPH 5552
SCPH 550x and SCPH 5552 SCPH 100X and SCPH 3000(till Jan 1996) SCPH 100X and SCPH 3000 (till Jan 1996)
SCPH 100X(from Jan 1996) SCPH 100X(from Jan 1996)

Installation pictures

Temporary Re-Assembly

You have to reassembly the PSX temporary to ensure that the chip is operating properly.

- Check again all connections
- Resolder the metal shield.
- Put the large metal bracket back to its original place. As you do this , pass the wires attached to the chip
through the small gap between the metal bracket and the metal shield on the bottom of the motherboard.
- Place the chip in the small indentation at the front-right corner of the PSX.
- For now don´t attach any screws.
- Reattach the cables from the powersource and the Controller connector.
- Set the CD drive back to its place at reattach the two cables.
- Put the main cover onto its place.


- Insert a real, non-pirated game. Turn the unit on and ensure that the PSX boots the game.
This happens if the white Sony-Logo turns into the black Playstation-Logo.
- Insert a real, non-pirated imported game. Turn the unit on and ensure that the PSX boots the game.
- Do this also to your other cds. :-)
- If there are any problems (for example the disk spins at a very high speed maybe the laser has to be adjusted

Final Reassembly

- Simply go to the "reassembly" steps, this time screwing everything in.
- Repeat the "testing" steps.


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