Haxed Alien breed & Tower Assault v1

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Haxed Alien breed & Tower Assault v1

Post by The_Gazra on Mon May 07, 2012 10:12 pm

Hi guys samson is back once again with another gaming classic but this time its alien twins XD Alien Breed+trainer & Alien breed Tower Assault (two games in one .pkg) it's taken me far too long to get it all working right.. anyway i'll let my screenshots do the talking..

XMB Background (and some very nice mid to 8bit sine music converted and edited by me)

boot screen

alien breed button config

as well as the built in cheats there is a few new in game sounds.. spot where the samples are from XD

tower assault button config

Download links:

AlienBreed 3.41.pkg

AlienBreed 3.55.pkg

i think that covers everything, enjoy


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