Motorstorm Arctic Edge Back On Store

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Motorstorm Arctic Edge Back On Store

Post by The_Gazra on Tue May 08, 2012 2:05 pm

So it appears that after Sony had pulled the plug on the VHBL games that where starting to surface on the store it looks like they have re-added this game in the hopes that they had "patched" it.

But it has been confirmed that they have not been able to do anything with it so all you lucky people that are using the Vita on 1.61 have still got VHBL Very Happy

Here is a small tutorial on how to get this on your brand new shiny device and enjoy all the homebrew that was with the psp.

First you will need to download Everybodys Tennis or Motorstorm Arctid Edge to ps3

Then you want to download and install Sony´s CMA

Next download and install OpenCMA into the same directory like Sony´s CMA.

After that you want to close SOny´s CMA if it is running.

Then youw want to right click on "run.bat" and run as an administrator

After doing that start sony´s CMA again

Next connect the pc and vita via usb and try to transfer savegames, if it does without to ask to uptate then it will work.

Leave OpenCMA running and take the usb cable out of pc and connect vita now with the PS3.

Start CMA and try to transfer the game to your vita 1.61.

Please note that these games are not available in America which means that you guys are out of luck for now.

All games have been confirmed by Wololo to have not been patched apart from 1 (GTA: Liberty City Stories)


I will keep ypou all updated with any new advancements on the PSVita.


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