Firmware 3.55 (CFW Included)

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Firmware 3.55 (CFW Included)

Post by The_Gazra on Tue May 08, 2012 6:39 pm

Hey here is the full WORKING 3.55 firmware files including all custom firmwares.

With all firmware files there is all check sums posted along with a short description about each one and what they can be used for.

If any links break or no longer work then please let me no and I will re-upload them to different file hosting sites.

Also if people use my links else where them please give credit as to where they are from.

So to the firmware files.

3.55 Official

Download File

CRC32 - FC0B1B98
MD5 -CA595AD9F3AF8F1491D9C9B6921A8C61
SHA - A3A0D1C61E17C6A58A5FA247A3DBB51524329E0A
SAH2-512 - E3784719FD922DACDCCB85B9E6759BC0B550457745C71FF84E4292E8FF84BC02F56C13F105927EECA67251ED2D551A5F2E07648A696C5F1AB16BCA1BAC18C936

3.55 Kmeaw

Download File

CRC32 - 95D7ED40
MD5 -2BE5E87A22BF1E7F48E98FCABD38977B
SHA - F83444560221FFBA4ED0E0689FBC2CF993DC64EC
SAH2-512 - 11F0DC46EA751772B45665F1076DF28A358F3C90CE878B511A5B125FEF8AD253889718

3.55 Special

Download File

CRC32 - 74D2C8EC
SHA - CAD2C91B18387D772D8032371F546CF65694AA76
SAH2-512 - 2D0F866F53A7E9B1A5B1F948C642D1479DBFC40609BBDE350CBA3F6C3E40DBF5965B4C96D03B960F0234DB0C960150BD70F167590E62DA083952FA7668C5C028

3.55 Elite CFW V4

Download File

CRC32 - D9BB743B
MD5 -D8DF9263BB1817FE7BCEFFBB95931255
SHA - 6B660E81098E72687F6C733DF735DC6E9CBBA3B8
SAH2-512 - 06851262B3E9CDA2310F8578705782D072113386F926FF4B1AAD5122993017EAA1B83DE4E0C975C7E68A4AFB773B6B6D4738219F764E938F58586767141A7A21


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