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Share Your ID Here

Post by The_Gazra on Tue May 08, 2012 7:54 pm

Ok guys so it is as simple as the title says.

Share your PSN ID here along with any trophies you are looking for help with.

I will start this off..


Level:- 12 (31%)


Brink 51%
Call Of Duty: Black Ops + All DLC (93% Platinum)
Call OF Duty: MW2 (100% Platinum)
Call OF Duty: MW3 (71% Spec Ops Needed)
Resident Evil 5 (72% Platinum)
Assassins Creed Brotherhood (75% Multiplayer)
Burnout Paradise (65% Platinum)
Battlefield 1942 (80% Multiplayer)
Dead Nation (40% Multlplayer)

Trophies Needed For Platinum

Brink: 51%

Tough as nails
That mine you found? Disarmed!
It's a trap!
Very well done indeed!
Who's bad?
King of the world!
Well that was educational
Time to start a new character'

Call Of Duty: Black Ops DLC 93%

They are going THROUGH!
Chimp on the barbie <- gotten now

Shooting on Location

Small Consolation

Perks in Spaaaaace!
Fully Armed and Operational
Ground Control

Call OF Duty: MW3 71%

Arms Dealer
Danger Zone
Defense Spendin
Get Rich or Die Trying
Survivor -> 7 level to go
Unstoppable -> 7 level to go
Tactician -> 5 level to go
Overachiever -> 5 level to go

Assassins Creed Brotherhood: 75%

Strong Closer
Job Skills
Download Complete
Role Model
Abstergo Employee of the Month

Battlefield 1942: 80%

Tour of Duty I
Tour of Duty II

Dead Nation: 40%

Tough Enough
Morbid Curiosity
Double The Action'
Very Dead
Car Killer
Top ear
King Of Looters.

This is just an example of what posts should look like and hopefully we can try to keep it like this.

I will edit any that are not looking like this.

Colors can be changed to your liking.


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