{Developer Intentions} Mod Dead Rising 2

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{Developer Intentions} Mod Dead Rising 2

Post by The_Gazra on Wed May 09, 2012 3:20 pm

A blast from the past when it comes to game modding it seems Dev LilGrim has decided to share with everyone some news. He has decided to bring back Dead Rising 2 game modding for the PS3. He has shared and article with everyone so that they can see what is happening.

Bring back tha Dead just for a Kill.......

I'm looking to bring back some attention to one game that the person have only mod once for the ps3 but it was modded to the max on the P.C.
I just want to resurrect this game and bring more onto the PS3 for it.
I'll be working on that here and there but also I'm still going to be working on Mortal Kombat here and there 2.
This Tuesday the 8Th I hope We all can return back to the Killing Fields and start Massacring zombie's once again!
I'll keep ya'll posted..........

Update for Today:
((Dead Rising 2)) Is the Game I'm going to start work on.

I'm going to open up the Dead Rising 2 The Necronomicon of Mods Thread
And start posting major info, Mods and PDF. Files, Later on today or maybe @ Night?

Stop on by here and there and hope My slow self have something cool that everyone will enjoy....

Things are about to get Grim......

So there is a little news into the game modding part of the scene.

This was brought to you from the PSX-Scene site.

Here is the original source.

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