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PSP LCFW 6.39 ME-9.8

Post by The_Gazra on Wed May 09, 2012 3:29 pm

Change Log:

neur0n's [Light] Custom Firmware 6.39 ME-9 Installer for Official Firmware 6.39. This version is compatible with PSP-1000, PSP-2000, PSP-3000 and PSPgo models (01g, 02g, 03g, 04g, 05g, 07g, 09g). Instructions included.


Fixed a freeze bug when enter sleep with SpeedUpMs option is Enabled.
Added a Text color option in Recovery menu.

If you are displaying VshMenu, press L + R + START to enter edit mode. You can customize VshMenu
v9.5 Fix

Fixed a VersionCheckError.

Fixed USB Connect in Recovery menu.(05g only).
Update VshMenu.

Fixed a license error when execute resumed POPS game. (05g only)
Fixed a bug in POPS plugin when M2 card is not inserted.
Added a 166/83 CPU clock.

Fixed a license error when execute resumed game. (05g only)
Update version.txt loading. Now you can load txt from ms0:/seplugins/version.txt.
Update NidResolver for FuSa_SD.prx.

Fixed a bug when ISO open in XMB.
Added a PBOOT.PBP execute option.
Fixed a UMDdrive noise when enter sleep mode.
Update Plugin loading. Both ms0 and ef0 plugins are loaded in XMB.(05g only)

Fixed a bug in sctrlKernelSetUserLevel.
Added a patch for leda which allow to use it from ef0:/.

Fixed a bug in Official Static ELF loading.
Fixed a CPU clock in GAME mode.
Added a patch for 0x80020148 error.
Fixed a UmdMountPatch (beta4. 05g only)

Fixed a ISO Parental Level.
Fixed a bug in OE driver (again).
Fixed a bug that failed to sleep when you change the CPU clock.
Added a page control in RecoveryMenu->Plugin.
Updated UMD Video mount. Now you can play UMD video/audio without dummy UMD.

Fixed a crash when using Dark_AleX's LEDA.
Changed the ISO Parental Level from 5 to 1.
Increased plugin path character buffer in PluginManager from 32 to 64.
v6 fix2

Fixed Launcher bug.
v6 fix

Fixed PSN game bug.

Added RecoveryMode translate and custom font feature.
Added Gameboot Skip option.

Added RecoveryMenu option in vshmenu.
Fixed a bug in OE driver.

Fixed a bug when enter suspend with VshMenu opened.
Fixed MEdriver bug.
Added BatteryConfig submenu in RecoveryMenu.
Added Speed up MS option(beta).

Update 639Launcher. Now you can switch between PRO-B6 and ME-3

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