2.71 Downdater (includes 1.50 HELPER)

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2.71 Downdater (includes 1.50 HELPER)

Post by The_Gazra on Wed May 09, 2012 4:19 pm

2.71 to 1.50 Downgrader! Includes the required 1.50 helper [downdater] files. Written by Dark_AleX, Mathieulh, and Yoshi. DOES NOT WORK ON TA-082 MOTHERBOARDS!

Copy the files inside MS_ROOT to the root of your memory stick.
Wait someone with 1.50 to pass you a folder called DOWNDATER and copy it to the root of your memstick.
It is recomended that you have the psp at more than 50% batteery and connected to AC
Go to the xmb photo viewer.
At this point will one of the following things:

You'll see a full red screen. This indicates that the downdater is doing its job. Wait for it to finish. When it finish it will crash on purpose. Restart your psp manually and you'll probably have a 1.50 if nothing went wrong.
You don't see the red screen. This indicates that the downdater code has not started to execute. (even if the memstick blinks(or no), it doesn't matter! if the screen is not red, you can safely restart the psp at this point).
This happen because of inestability in the tiff.
Don't worry, just restart the psp and keep trying until you reach the red screen of downdate.
The downdater code is NEVER executed partially. It's either executed totally or nothing.

It depends of "luck" but usually the downdater will start to execute in a average of 1/10 times.
Things that may increase the probabilities:

- A fresh formatted memory stick.
- A 32 MB memory stick (and fresh formatted)

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