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George Francis Hotz (Geohot), million75 or simply mil, is an American hacker known for originally Jailbreaking the iPhone, allowing the phone to be used in a way that was not intended to by apple. He is also noted for hacking the PlayStation 3 with Fail0verflows methods and subsequently being sued by and settling with Sony.

Towards the end of 2009, Geohot announced his efforts to hack the Sony PlayStation 3.

He opened a blog to document his progress, and five weeks later, on January 22, 2010, he announced that he had successfully hacked the machine by enabling himself read and write access to the machine's system memory and having hypervisor level access to the machine's processor.

He detailed functions that his work could allow, such as homebrew and PS2 emulation (Backward compatabilty wsa removed to make the PS3 cheaper to produce). On January 26 2010 he released the exploit to the public.

It was done on the OFW 3.15 then using his codes he made it into a 3.15 CFW. His exploit relied on the OtherOS function and consists of a Linux kernel module and gaining control of the machine's hypervisor via bus glitching.

Sony responded by removeing the OtherOS feature from all modelsa feature that was already absent on the newer Slim PS3.

On January 2 2011 he made the biggest mistake of the Developers by posting the root keys of the PlayStation 3 on his website. These keys were later removed from his website as a result of legal action by Sony.

On January 6 2011 he showed a video of running homebrew applications on PS3 firmware 3.55 without using any jailbreak USB dongles, based on the discovery of the security exploit by the fail0verflow team.

After the keys where posted to his website and forcibly removed Sony took it upon themselves to sue him for posting the keys and giving people the chance to allow there system to be tampered with and allowing backups to be run along with homebrew and linux.

On June 27 it was reported that he had been hired by Facebook which turned out to be false he had actually been employed since May which was confirmed by Facebook. It is and was unknown as to what his role at the company was. In January 2012 he had left there employment.

After all this he had left people from the scene hating what he had done and how he went about it.

I guess it all goes down to your opinions on him as to whether you like him or not.

I for one am open minded and am just posting the information I can find.


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