{RUMOR} Nes Emulator Working PS Vita

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{RUMOR} Nes Emulator Working PS Vita

Post by The_Gazra on Thu May 10, 2012 9:59 pm

As nearly all of the whole scene knows that the only way to run and kind of homebrew on the Vita is via the Half-Byte Loader (VHBL) but its looks as if someone talented has managed to get a Nes Emulator running on the native vita software itself.

Now please note that this is completely factual and may or may not be true hence why it is being called a rumor.

So here is a quote from the source lets see what happens with this in the near future.

At this time the game Super Colapse 3 that is used with the current Vita Half-Byte Loader, has been pulled from the Playstation store. There is no know way to exploit the Vita further on this version of the firmware (1.67) . The only way is to use the Playstation Suite Development kit. Fortunetly someone out there has made a NES emulator using the PS SDK.

You will ned to sign up for the development suite by going here on your PS Vita browser and clicking Try now then clicking download under section 2. ( this is a Sony site and the download link will launch the PS Store on your Vita)
The NES emulator is available for download HERE. (Click the green button to start the download.)
You will also need Vita Connect. (will allow you to copy .psspac files from your PC to the Vita)
Once you have these two you will need to extract both to a folder somewhere on your pc.
The Vita Connect download also contains the source code of the program and a pre compiled program in the “VitaConnector/obj/x86/debug” directory
You may need to copy the dll files into that directory from “VitaConnector/lib” directory.
Once you have the program running find the file leaf.psspac from the download earlier in this article.
Connect your PS Vita using the usb cable to your PC
open the Playstation SDK app on the Vita before clicking refresh.
Click on “refresh devices”
Click on “connect to the device”
Click on “upload”
Restart PS Suite Dev on your Vita
You should now have a “Leaf” game
Launch this to play NES
NOTE: For whatever reason the emulation only works at 15fps.
Leaf controlls[] and X are your A and B buttons Triangle will change the rom that’s loaded. dpad is your movement keys.

And the source is Via PS3crunch link is underneath


Mirrored Download Links:




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