{Information On Devs} Tweet Sent

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{Information On Devs} Tweet Sent

Post by The_Gazra on Sat May 12, 2012 1:55 am

Hey guys just a quick message in regards to getting some more information on some of the dev's from around the community.

Here is the tweet that was sent to several of the developers.

@KaKaRoToKS @phirenz @RealPsDev @naehrwert @trap0xf @Snowydew @XCELLERATOR_PS3 Hey this may seem like a daft quieston but can i ask you some questions on some of the work you have done for my forum so that others can get a little more information on the devs from the scene, Trying to make a new forum where there is more information on why people do the work they do. I will be asking a lot more developers over the next couple of days on more information on there work.

So as you can see I am going to ask them a couple of questions in regards to there work, homebrew, applications and anything in between.

Mainly what I would like to share with you all is something that I have wondered myself and that is simply "Why did you go into developing and do you enjoy it?"

Lets just wait and see what happens Smile


This topic will be moved it is not news it is just front paged at the moment for people to quickly see we are trying to get more information that is currently not available to people or that is not very descriptive.


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